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My name is Ian Clare

Ian Clare Dial A Driver Australia Wide

I have been employed in a number of different industries as a Bricklayer (Apprentice), Console Operator, Storeman Packer, Delivery Truck Driver just to mention a few.

My Father taught me to drive and since that time I found myself wanting to be on the road. I developed a love and passion for getting behind the wheel. I got into anything with a steering wheel and had some fun teaching myself the pleasure to drive just about anything and everything, all types of vehicles from a very young age.

I commenced driving Buses and Coaches in 1982 employed by Private Family Companies then the Brisbane City Council. So I have gained extensive experience in the Public Transport Industry.

Dial A Driver Sydney: commenced operation in June 2009

How It Started!

I decided to take an extensive look and I found that there was a need for people to be taken from place to place and I also found many of them owned cars and often left the car at home while they sort other means of moving around? - Crazy really!

The question I asked myself was, "Why own A car if you don't use it?" People do want to attend Social Outings, Birthdays, Parties, Weddings, Dinner Functions, Family Outings, but don't always have access to public transport and nor do they want to use Taxis, Buses or Hire Cars.

Plus I saw the continuing frustration of people waiting for Public Transport or Taxis to turn up. So I made the decision to start and developed "Dial A Driver Sydney" I wanted to offer a cheaper and more efficient alternative form of transportation for people that want to drive either in one direction but not home or have a Driver, drive them and make use of the car they own!

Needless to say the Dial A Driver Sydney has taken off to the extent that we now have a number of wonderful drivers and followers and a great business with a very loyal following of very satisfied customers

Dial A Driver Sydney thus began operation in June 2009, and has developed from a part-time business (hobby) into a client base that is expanding rapidly so we have decided to offer our professional services to the residents of Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne.

The variety of services that Dial A Driver Australia Wide is able offer cater for Individual's, Families, Group Bookings, Corporate Clients, so if there is anything we can help you with to make sure to journey home is safe and comfortable don't hesitate to call Dial A Driver Australia Wide.

Our team of dedicated and highly trained drivers are sent to meet you at an agreed location to drive you and your passenger's to your destination without the hassle of being pulled over at a Roadside Random Breath Test (RBT), ensuring that yourself and your vehicle are safely returned home.

Dial A Driver Australia Wide cater for Social Outings, Birthdays, Parties, Weddings, Dinner Functions, and Family Outings, so please call to arrange for Dial A Driver Australia Wide to compliment your next function. Dial A Driver Australia Wide have has all the industry contacts that enable us to organize to drive one person home or the largest group in just about any type of bus or speciality vehicle.

Dial A Driver Australia Wide Will meet and exceed your highest expectations; and their attention to detail delivers the customer a very high quality service that will be bettered by none.

- I would like to invite you to become a customer!

Dial A Driver Sydney - Australia Wide

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Your Safety Is Our Service!


M: 0412 747 805
M: 0447 068 974

Dial a TowDial a Tow Caravans Tiny Houses Boats Horse Floats

When you are needing to move!

Dial a Tow for a Professional Driver and Vehicle for your caravan or trailer towing needs.

Keep Your Life Moving!


Dial a Replacement DriverDial a Replacement Driver

Qualified Drivers as Replacements!

Do not let your business stop because you do not have a driver for the day.

Keep Your Business Moving!


Dial to Relocate a VehicleRelocate a Vehicle

Dial us to relocate your vehicle!

NO Driving? We collect and are able to relocate for you any type of vehicle to anywhere at a time that suits!

Keep Your Vehicles Moving!


Pilot Escort VehiiclesPilot Escort Vehiicles

Pilot Escort Vehiicles and Drivers

We can drive just about anything and take YOU just about ANYWHERE!

Qualified and Experienced Escort Vehicles and Drivers" When required to move large oversize loads


Dial a Driver for the DisabledDriver for the Disabled

Qualified Drivers for the Disabled!

We can drive just about anything and take YOU just about ANYWHERE!

Do not stay home, when you can get out!


Dial a Driver for Mobility Scooter TowingMobilty Scooter Towing

Mobility Scooter Towing

We can pick up, carry and tow, relocate Mobility Scooters to just about ANYWHERE!

Do not stay home, when you can get out!


Bus ExcursionsBus Excursions

City or Country Excursions!

Hire a Coach or Mini Bus or hire vehicle and driver; its a safer and more cost effective option.

Keep Your Holiday Moving!


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Dial a Driver Australia Wide

Dial a DRIVER Australia Wide

M: 0412 747 805
M: 0447 068 974